Lutronic Healite II Therapy

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Lutronic Healite II Therapy delivers light emitting diodes (LED) in precise wavelengths over the skin to stimulate naturally occurring regeneration and repair processes .

Lutronic Healite II Therapy is revered as one of the most advanced LED light therapy systems on the market. It’s been proven to produce brilliant results over the course of several sessions. While most other systems of this nature only use two different lights to address skin concerns, Healite uses three.

What can I expect my session to feel like?
Any time you sit underneath the Healite II lights, you can expect to feel relaxed. The lights emit a warm and comfortable sensation that’s very similar to sitting in soft sunlight. It does get bright though, so goggles are required during treatment. In fact, many clients love squeezing in a power nap while under the Lutronic Healite. The average session doesn’t last longer than 30 minutes, so you can easily fit in a treatment over lunch.

How effective is LED Light Therapy?
You will see improvements in the appearance and quality of your skin following LED Light Therapy. When combined with other cosmetic treatments, Healite is capable of enhancing your results. This is due to the healing that takes place during a session.

Are there any aftereffects or risks to be aware of?
The lack of side effects is another one of the reasons why this treatment is so popular. It’s designed to heal and make your skin feel its best. Almost everyone can have this treatment without the need for downtime. Healite LED Light Therapy helps to reduce redness and inflammation to accelerate healing.

Healite II offers a wide range of areas to target. This further benefits industry experts and clinics due to its versatility;

Acne / Active Acne
Rosacea / Psoriasis
Skin rejuvenation
Lines and wrinkles
Collagen Production
Hair regrowth
Muscle spasm
Joint pain
Temporary increase of blood circulation
Wound-healing / Burn healing


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